Aura Crystals - Your Choice of Color! - Handcrafted Pendants

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Aura Crystals - Your Choice of Color! - Handcrafted Pendants


This listing is for ONE Aura Quartz Crystal wrapped in Copper wire, Pendant Necklace.

Aura Crystals are natural quartz crystals that have been molecularity bonded with precious metals such as gold, copper, platinum, titanium, indium, niobium, silver, iron, etc, or a combination of those. More colors are being invented all the time using different combos and percentages of metals.

It's impossible to do these crystals justice in a photograph - they are just stunning in person, their colors shift in the light with your every movement.

The metals provide a mesmerizing iridescent sheen that becomes a permanent part of the crystal, it never wears off, cannot be scraped off, and can be worn anywhere without fear of damage.

I wrap each pendant in copper wire. Some of the wires I use are plated in different colors, chosen to best show off the beautiful colors of the stones.

Each pendant is strung on a vegan leather cord (aka waxed linen) and comes in a lovely organza pouch, ready for gift giving!

Feel free to send a note with your preferences of wire color or stone shape or size, etc., but if you do not write anything, we will choose what we think is the prettiest one we have available.

Available colors:
Iridescent White/Clear
Pale Blue
Medium Blue
Dark Titanium Blue
Pale Green
Tangerine Gold
Pale Purple
Dark Titanium Purple
Cranberry Red
Silvery Grey

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